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How Your Golf Community Adds to Your Enjoyment

Posted by John Hughes on May 18, 2016 6:00:00 AM


Golf is an individual game, but it is not a loner’s game. From the outset, the golfer has a competitor to play with and against.  In the greater sense, though, golf is in good measure a social experience, especially at a golf club, where players form a community amongst themselves.

With shared interests and a unified set of values, a golfing community can generate a sense of belonging. This experience of being part of a community ultimately drives greater enjoyment of the game.

Each player counts

In a community, individuals matter. While the group may play together and share social events, being a part of a community also means being celebrated for who you are. For the golfer, it means your game is recognized, applauded and encouraged by the other members of your community. Simultaneously, this communal support for the  individual helps to generate greater enjoyment.

Change for the better

A golfing community can help to make a difference on many levels. Golfers who recognize the value of being part of a group also understand the potential for that group to do good. For example, a golfing community may work toward the greater good of the golf club, by discussing potential ways to enhance play and communicating their thoughts as a group back to management. In this way, the community works together helping to drive a better experience for everyone. The community likewise can make a difference outside of the club, with taking time out to give back to the greater community through participation in various local charitable events.

Coming together

A golfing community can help to bridge the divide between generations that has become such a common element of contemporary life. There are so few places where young and old can gather, with young people drawing from the wisdom and experience of their seniors, while older people keep their ideas and experiences fresh by looking at the world through the eyes of the younger generation. Golf is a sport for everyone and it is not at all unusual to see older and younger players teeing off side by side and later mingling in the clubhouse. This a rare circumstance today and it is one of the reasons a golfing community helps to make the golf experience more enjoyable. By closing the generation gap, a golfing community can help to enrich the lives of all involved.

Celebrating together

Finally, a golf club community offers the opportunity to celebrate events and milestones year-round. Even when the busy season of play has passed, the community of golfers will gather at the golf club to mark major events, celebrate holidays and generally be together for one another's big moments. Thus the sense of community not only enhances play, but brings a new depth and richness to everyday life.


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