Hacienda Golf Club Guest Information

Rules Governing Golf

Hacienda Golf Club is steeped in tradition and places a high value on the rules, traditional etiquette and character inherent in the game of golf. Our members and their guests are expected to conduct themselves accordingly.


1. All guests must check in and sign in at the Pro Shop upon arrival
2. Pace of Play is expected at 4 hours
3. Abide by the local rules and the rules of golf
4. Leave the course better than you found it
5. Mutual respect among all players and employees
6. Play well and have fun!


Rules Governing Golf Attire

Members and guests must refrain from changing their shoes in the parking lot. Guests are to change shoes in the locker room.

Hacienda Golf Club has adopted a policy that prohibits metal or ceramic spikes on the golf course. Soft spikes have been approved for general use. Soft spikes are available in both the men’s and ladies locker rooms.


Men's Dress Code

Men must wear sport shirts or golf shirts with sleeves and raised collars or turtleneck collars. Mock turtlenecks (1” height collar) are permitted. Shirts must be tucked into slacks or shorts at all times with exception of “square cut Hawaiian type shirts. Men may wear Bermuda shorts, plus fours (knickers) or slacks. Shorts or slacks must be of traditional, conservative tailoring with no oversized pockets sewn on the outside (cargo style). Caps must be worn with the “bill” of the cap forward. Denim of any color, warm ups or sweat outfits may not be worn.

Women's Dress Code

Skorts, shorts, skirts, and tops are to be consistent with ladies professional tournament attire as seen on the LPGA tour. Denim of any color, warm ups or sweat outfits may not be worn. On themed guest days, regular or special, dress code may be waived. The Pro Shop staff has the right to refuse use of the golf facilities to any member or guest whose attire does not conform to the above requirements. Violations will be reported to the Board of Directors for disciplinary action in accordance with the club’s enforcement policy.


  • Tee shirts, tank tops, baggy or “low-riding” pants, halter-tops, blouses or tops that expose a bare midriff and bathing attire are not permitted in the clubhouse or on the patios. 
  • Shirts must be tucked in at all times, except for “square cut type Hawaiian shirts.”
  • Denim is allowed so long as it has no holes and is not faded. 
  • Hats are to be removed by men and boys in the clubhouse with the exception of the locker rooms, Snack Bar and the Pro Shop.
  • Shoes must be worn. Golf shoes and sandals are permitted in the Grill and Patios only.
  • Parents are responsible for the conduct and attire of their children. 
  • Members are responsible to ensure that their guests adhere to the dress code. 
  • Mobile phone calls, other than texting, are not permitted in the clubhouse.

The Club reserves the right to relax the dress code or specify costume dress for special occasions with advance notice. The staff is empowered to monitor the dress code, inform members of infractions, and report repeat infractions to the Board of Directors.