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What Does An Avid Golfer's Typical Day on the Course Look Like?

Posted by John Hughes on Apr 20, 2016 6:46:46 AM

For the avid golfer, a typical day on the course begins long before the ritual lacing up of the golf shoes, before the warm up on the range, and the stroll to the first tee. For the truly passionate player, the typical day begins at the beginning, with thoughts towards the round, possibly over that first blessed cup of Joe. From there, his day proceeds in three stages: Getting ready, playing the game, and reflection.

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8 Traits of an Exceptional Avid Golfer

Posted by John Hughes on Apr 7, 2016 11:41:20 AM

One of the driving forces of regular golfers is to lower their score. One could say a golfer is never 100% satisfied with his or her game, even when they shoot a great score. So how is success in golf best measured? One doesn’t have to hoist a trophy or cash a paycheck to be an exceptional golfer. For many of us, it's not enough to just play the game on a regular basis. We want to be good at it. According to the USGA, 25.1% of golfers with an official handicap have an index of 10.0 or better. That's 1 out of 4. So what does it take to become one of those single-digit golfers?

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Topics: Avid Golfers

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