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How to Sell Your Spouse on a Golf Club Membership

Posted by John Hughes on Apr 5, 2016 7:45:29 AM

blog_25.jpgNote: The writer of this post is a male, and therefore, this post is directed toward the male significant other. If you are a woman looking to convince your guy/significant other, well … it's admittedly difficult for this writer to deduce your powers of persuasion.. Let's face it, your significant other is more than likely feigning his apprehension. On the other hand, he may be  trying to sell you on a membership, and if that's the case, this post can help you fight off the urge to give in just long enough to surprise him with a golf club membership at the perfect moment!

With so many variables to consider, joining a private golf club can be a difficult decision. But as an avid golfer, you no doubt understand the benefits of playing on a championship golf course. You also realize that the camaraderie that will inevitably take place will significantly enhance your life. But despite all the great things about belonging to a private club, you still have to sell it to your significant other. Here is a list of recommendations to help you close the deal.

Get the Whole Family Playing Golf

The best scenario is for all the members of your family having already taken up golf.  This would make joining a golf club an easier decision.  Short of that, a few of them may play, but not others.  Your charge here is to get them all playing!  They may not play as often or as well as you do, but everyone can have fun in this game no matter what age or skill level.  If your significant other is one of those that does not play, there is a great opportunity there to get her started.  Since golf can be hard to learn, in the beginning keep it simple and non-intimidating for her.  Enlist the tutelage of a good PGA Professional to help guide the way.  If you like the PGA Professional at the golf club you are targeting to join, all the better!  That could certainly help pave the way to membership.

Show Respect, Patience, and Optimism

Convincing your significant other  to support your membership at a golf club may be an uphill battle, but if you don't stay positive, your efforts will be for naught. Don't make the mistake of blowing off your spouse's concerns. It is her mind that you are trying to change, and her concerns are extremely valid in that capacity. The idea is not to shoot down all of your spouse's objections, but to embrace them in such a way that she too will embrace your points. Don't bog down the conversation with snide remarks and innuendos; that will not lead to the desired result . Instead, establish a conversation with mutual respect. From there, your optimistic approach with carry more weight.

Do Your Research; Be Prepared

The benefits of a golf club membership stretch well beyond your enjoyment of the game. Make sure you have a clear understanding of the potential benefits for your significant other  (and your family). Be prepared to present opportunities for social interactions and business interactions alike. Participation in family events will likely be an important selling point for her. If the club has other amenities to offer the family, be sure to present those benefits as well. It's a good idea to spend some time brainstorming these potential advantages before entering into the discussion.

Timing Is Everything

You've done all your research and you're ready to tackle this head on! But just because you're ready doesn't me your significant other  is. Don't trap them  (say, in the car) and try to keep the mood light (perhaps by telling a golf joke as an icebreaker). If you get a bad vibe, just back off and wait for another opportunity. Don't force the issue.

The Elephant in the Room

Of course, it costs a little money to join a golf club, and this may be a potential deal-breaker. Be prepared to debate the value of a golf club membership. Be creative about ways a golf membership might save you money or open opportunities, and help your significant other understand the aspects that cannot be labeled by a price tag.  

Every Deal Comes With a Price Tag

And we're not talking about money, necessarily. Expecting your significant other to just give in to your request is not realistic , and let's be honest, if it were that easy, you probably wouldn't be reading this. Have a clear understanding of your significant other's wants and needs. Determine what you can give up, or how you can change, to convince her that this is in her best interest as well. Inevitably, there must be something your she wants from you. Understanding her true wants and needs, and how to fulfill them, can turn the discussion in your favor.

Try to Make It Her Idea

We've officially advanced beyond “Deal Making 101” here. With enough massaging (we're going to stop short of calling it "manipulation" in order to keep this conversation on the ethical side of things), a significant other  can be nudged in such a way that she actually asks you if you're interested in a golf membership. These types of victories are few and far between, however, so you'll want to take notice some advanced persuasion techniques, just in case.

Perseverance Will Win

Just like on the golf course, your grit will be your most valuable ally. Of course, you could always employ the "just do it and suffer through the consequences" technique, but that is not recommended for optimal success. A better strategy is probably "if at first you don't succeed, try, try again." The Great One, Wayne Gretzky, once said, "You miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take." So keep firing away!

What other obstacles stand between you and a golf membership?


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