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How a Golf Club Membership Creates Lifelong Friendships

Posted by John Hughes on Oct 2, 2015 3:12:59 PM

The game of golf is a lifelong endeavor. It's a game that young and old alike can enjoy, and it's a game that many of us will play for as long as we are physically able to swing a golf club. What other sport can claim that?
And while posting a good score is always a lot of fun for an avid golfer, it's those who we play with – our friends – that make golf such a great game. If you enjoy golf, you want to share it with other people who enjoy golf, and as a member at a golf club, that's just what you'll get.

Belonging to a Community

Most private clubs do an excellent job of building a strong community, offering multiple golf events (such as tournaments and weekly leagues) and social events (brunches, holiday parties, and so on) for their members. When you join a club and start participating in games and activities, you are likely to meet a lot of great people with similar interests. Not only can you meet people who enjoy golf, but your whole family can meet new friends at the other facilities and club-sponsored events.

Many clubs break their members into groups where men, ladies, seniors and juniors can organize and run competitions, teams and social golf.

Also, most members live within driving distance of the golf club, which means gathering with your friends for a summer barbeque away from the club is certainly not out of the question.

A Variety of Personalities

Joining a golf club will make it much easier to meet new people to enjoy the game with. You will find plenty of fellow members you feel comfortable with and who play at a time and level that suits your lifestyle and experience. And even if some of the golfers in your group have differing abilities, the handicap system lends itself to friendly competition.

You don’t have to leave your extended family or old friend behind either. Most clubs give their members guest privileges, so you can treat the folks you care about to a round of golf.

Other Social Opportunities

Truth be told, a nice golf club might become the center of your social life. Many have private dining halls and a professional staff that can assist you with your business, social, charitable and private events. You can hold your daughter’s wedding or next corporate sales leadership meeting at the club.

And don't forget the 19th hole, where the true grandness of our golf game comes to fruition and where finding the bottom of the cup is often easier than it's been all day.

There’s no better way to make friends in the sport than getting involved in the social life of your golf club. If you are new to the area or wanting to make a fresh start, you’ll find your golf club welcoming and full of potential new friendships.

Making Friends Is Easier Than You Think

According to Psychology Today, it's really not that difficult to make friends. In fact, if you use what they call "The Golden Rule of Friendship," you'll succeed 100 percent of the time! So, what is this "Golden Rule" that guarantees that you'll make friends? Well, according to one doctor, if you make others feel good about themselves, they will credit you with helping them attain that good feeling. And while making a playing partner feel good about their game is sometimes a challenge – we all have at least one friend or family member who is, simply put, a hacker – one of the great things about the game of golf is that there's always room for encouragement and compliments.

Joining a golf club is not just an investment in your game, it's an investment in your life, and having a great group of lifelong friends who share similar interests is a large part of that investment.

Can you think of a better way to meet and make friends?


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